5 Best Single Door Refrigerator in India 2022

Best Single Door Refrigerator

Refrigerators have become an essential part of the Indian household. They are useful in the summer when you want a cool glass of water. They also help keep the fruits and vegetables fresh for about a week. There are many refrigerators of different brands available at a variety of prices, often with subtle differences that may not be easy to find. Here is the list of best single door refrigerator in india.

If you are unsure which is the best refrigerator in India, here is a list of the best refrigerator brands in India. Check out this list of the best single door refrigerators. Our list includes best refrigerator brand in India 2021, best refrigerator under 20,000.

Best Single Door Refrigerator in India

Whirlpool 190 L 3 Star Direct-Cool Refrigerator

best refrigerator in india


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  • Direct Cool Refrigerator, 190 L
  • Upto 9 Hour Cooling Retention during Power Cuts
  • Spacious storage – Store upto 3 2L bottles in bottle rack
  • Insulated Capillary Technology & Laminar Airflow
  • Auto-Connect to Home Inverter
  • Stabilizer Free Operation (Range: 130 V – 300 V)
  • Warranty: 1 Year on Product, 10 Years on Compressor


This is one of the best single door refrigerator with 190L capacity; 3 star rating; 9 hours cooling retention in the event of a power failure; Isolated capillary technology; Wired shelves; Automatic connection to the inverter; Stabilizer-free operations. The simple defrosting mechanism ensures problem-free use of the refrigerator and effective cooling.

With isolated capillary technology, the capillary that carries the refrigerant from the compressor to the freezer is surrounded by super cold gas, resulting in benefits such as better compressor efficiency, faster cool down, and 9 hour * cool retention in the refrigerator.

2 special door stands cool up to three 2-liter bottles and five 1-liter bottles. This easy-to-clean, airtight, removable seal keeps the door panel clean and prevents the build-up of fungus and bacteria in the refrigerator, so your food stays healthy and hygienic for longer.

Vegetable Crisp with honeycomb moisture lock-in technology ensures optimum moisture in your vegetables and keeps them fresh for longer. Cooler for storing cans and milk packages with optimal cooling.

Extra Large Vegetable Crisper ensures that you never run out of space. In the event of a power failure, it is automatically connected to the inverter, which ensures even cooling and long-lasting freshness.

Whirlpool refrigerators can work stably even with strong voltage fluctuations (130 V to 300 V) and do not require a separate stabilizer.


1. The power consumption is low.
2. Fast ice technology.
3. Adjustable rack for large and small products.


1. Often you have to defrost.

Haier 195 L 4 Star Direct-Cool Refrigerator

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  • Direct-cool refrigerator which comes with 1 hour Icing Technology to ensures faster ice formation within 60 mins along with super-fast cooling.
  • Capacity: 195 litres suitable for a medium sized family.
  • Energy rating: 4 star, Annual energy consumption: 130 kwh/yr
  • (Please refer energy label on product page or contact brand for more details)
  • Warranty: 10 Years warranty on Compressor, 1 year warranty on the product
  • Compressor: The refrigerator comes with reciprocatory Compressor that is ideal for optimum cooling.


This is one of the best single door refrigerator.  It is no longer a problem to meet your daily needs. With an enormous storage capacity of 195 liters, this Haier refrigerator has a cooling pad and PUF insulation to ensure that the contents stay cool and fresh even in the event of a power failure (up to 10 hours).

There’s no denying that house parties are the best. But what’s the point of throwing a party if you don’t have ice cubes for your drinks or ice for desserts? With the Haier HED-20CFDS, Dazzle Steel, you can not only make ice cubes faster, but also keep fruit and vegetables fresh for longer thanks to its innovative properties.

The Haier Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator features a sleek and aesthetic design with attractive colors that will give your kitchen a modern and lavish look.

You don’t have to wait more than 60 minutes for ice cubes as this refrigerator is equipped with 1 hour icing technology. This technology ensures faster ice formation within 60 minutes and super-fast cooling.

Store perishable foods and fresh vegetables in the large vegetable box. The spacious design and multiple airflow keep your food fresher longer! Thaw your freezer right away as this refrigerator has a defrost button that can be used to defrost the ice stored in the freezer.

The shelves of this refrigerator are made of toughened glass that can hold and endure heavy pots and pans for lasting freshness. Power fluctuations should no longer be a problem, as this refrigerator can be operated with a low power supply of only 135 V and offers stabilizer-free operation.

With a refrigerator that is stunning, unique, and spacious, you don’t have to worry about energy consumption as it has a 4-star energy saving mode that makes it economical. Compared to other conventional refrigerators, this single-door direct current refrigerator has thicker PUF insulation (rigid polyurethane foam). This helps keep low temperatures efficient for better cooling.


1. Nice and effective cooling.
2. Design is good.
3. Best for 2 people.
4. Electricity efficient.


1. 1 liter bottle cannot be placed on the bottom shelf.
2. The lower shelf is smaller than the other shelf.
3. The compartments are not adjustable. You have to use them as they are.

 LG 190 L 4 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Best Single Door Refrigerator

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  • Direct-cool refrigerator: Economical and Cooling without fluctuation
  • Capacity 190 litres: Suitable for families with 2 to 3 members and bachelors
  • Energy Rating 4 Star: High energy efficiency
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor *T&C
  • Smart inverter compressor: Unmatched performance, great savings and super silent operation
  • Shelf type: Spill proof toughened glass
  • Inside box: 1 unit Refrigerator & 1 Unit user manual
  • Spl. Features : Moist ‘n’ Fresh is an innovative lattice-patterned box cover which maintains the moisture at the optimal level | anti-bacterial gasket | Fastest Ice Making | Anti rat bite | Vegetable basket with 12.6 litres capacity | Tray egg | 2+3 Door basket (full size/half size)| Lock | Works without stabilizer: 90v ~ 310v | base stand with drawer | Solar Smart*


This is one of the best single door refrigerator. LG GL-D201ASCY 190 Ltr. This sleek single door refrigerator offers unmatched performance, great savings, super quiet operation and a smart inverter compressor. This model refrigerator has 4 stars in energy consumption. This uses the direct cooling technology and is more efficient and effective.

The freshness is retained for up to 6-7 hours in the event of a power failure. This refrigerator comes with 2 shelves made of leak-proof toughened glass material (unbreakable) that can hold up to 175 kg, 2 bottle shelves, an egg tray and a vegetable compartment with a capacity of 12.6 liters and a grid cover to maintain the moisture level in it -bacterial and airtight seal.

The special features of these refrigerators are the quick ice making, the spacious cooling zone and the floor stand with drawer that you can store items like potatoes and onions that do not need to be refrigerated and do not need stabilizer (90 ~ 310).

The intelligent inverter compressor offers unmatched performance, great savings, particularly quiet operation and stabilizer-free operation.

Electricity bills are the last thing you think about. All LG refrigerators meet the energy efficiency standards of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE).

With the revolutionary Smart Connect technology, you can connect your refrigerator to the inverter in the event of a power failure. This gives you the option of storing food for a long time without spoiling.

A special lattice box lid that keeps moisture at an optimal level when moisture from stored food evaporates and then condenses on the lattice.

An exclusive feature for LG Direct Cool Refrigerators. Makes the fastest ice cream in just 108 minutes.

LG Direct Cool refrigerators come with a stand drawer that can be used to store onions, potatoes and other vegetables.

Tempered glass shelves can hold heavy foods. These can take a load of up to 175 kg according to LG’s internal testing standards.

Easy to clean to keep food healthy and hygienic for a long time.

The LG Direct Cool refrigerators can be operated in a voltage range from 90 to 310 V. This means your refrigerator can work without a stabilizer.

Solar Smart Refrigerators can be operated with Solar * Energy. However, the requirements for the solar panel can vary from model to model and must be specifically checked.

  1. Looks beautiful
  2. Shakes very quickly
  3. Very low power consumption
  1. The Smart Inverter compress runs continuously at a slower speed.
  2. It will turn itself off and on again at regular intervals.

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Samsung 192 L 4 Star Inverter Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Best Single Door Refrigerator

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  • Direct-cool refrigerator : economical and Cooling without fluctuation
  • Capacity 192 liters: suitable for families with 2 to 3 members and bachelors
  • Energy rating 4 Star : high Energy Efficiency
  • Manufacturer warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  • Digital Inverter Compressor : automatic adjustment of speed in response to cooling demand, quieter operation and uses less power
  • Shelf type: spill proof toughened glass
  • Inside box: 1 unit Refrigerator & 1 unit user manual
  • Features: voltage range : 100V – 300V | stabilizer free operation | clear view lamp | base stand drawer extra storage for dry vegetables | stylish grande door design.


This is one of the best single door refrigerator. The new range of refrigerators from Samsung has a stylish design. It’s a refreshing new grande door design. Samsung guarantees the longevity of its energy-efficient digital inverter compressor for a trouble-free, long-lasting refrigerator.

Due to the stabilizer-free operation, it is very stable and reliable and prevents electrical damage or short circuits in the event of voltage fluctuations. Additional space for onions and potatoes in the drawer of the base stand.

The deep door holds larger drinks and more without wasting space. Bring home this new Samsung refrigerator and enjoy security. This Samsung refrigerator is all you need. Enjoy more energy efficiency, less noise and long-lasting performance.

The Digital Inverter Compressor automatically adjusts its speed to the cooling requirement. Your groceries and fresh produce are now much easier to find as the safe and energy efficient brighter lamp in the refrigerator features a distinctive Grandé door design in different colors.

It enhances the look of the refrigerator with a fine line that is aesthetically placed downward to give your kitchen a sleek and elegant look. Protect the refrigerator from power fluctuations. The stabilizer-free operation ensures stable and reliable operation.

If the voltage increases too much, the power supply will automatically cut off to avoid electrical damage. Protect the environment with electricity generated by solar panels within a voltage range of 100 V – 300 V. Current and voltage in the batteries are regulated by the solar charge controller. And in the evenings, the energy stored in the batteries is used by the SPCU to operate the refrigerator.

In India, power outages are common in all regions. Smart Conncect inverter fridges run even in the event of a power failure and ensure that your food always stays as fresh as never before. Safety comes first with the tempered glass shelves that have been designed and tested for a safe weight of up to 175 kg.

The stylish Bar Chrome handle not only looks chic and modern, it also offers an extra dimension of convenience as you can open the refrigerator door very smoothly. Keeping vegetables at room temperature is much easier.

In the lower part of the refrigerator there is a large drawer where you can store all non-refrigerating foods like onions and potatoes. And you won’t be using extra baskets or kitchen space. An antibacterial seal keeps the door panel clean and prevents the build-up of fungi and bacteria in the refrigerator. Everything is more hygienic and less likely to come off quickly.

The Safe Clean Back is a smooth safety cover for the internal critical components that can be easily wiped off. It also looks neat and offers extra durability by protecting them from accidental knocks and bumps.

A large capacity vege box has space for all your fresh vegetables and fruits. And because it’s so big, it’s a lot easier to find everything you use every day because they’re all in one place.

  1. Spring cooling well infact very quickly,
  2. attractive design
  3. Elegant look
  4. No or less noise
  1. Not enough cooling to keep the ice hard.
  2. Expensive for a door

Godrej 190 L 5 Star Inverter Direct-Cool Best Single Door Refrigerator

Best Single Door Refrigerator

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  • Direct cool refrigerator: Economical and requires manual defrosting
  • Capacity: 190 litres suitable for a medium sized family
  • Energy rating: 5 star, Annual energy consumption: 104 Kilowatt Hours
  • 65 years of thoughtful appliances: Proudly Made in India
  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 10 years on compressor
  • Compressor: The refrigerator comes with reciprocatory compressor that is ideal for optimum cooling


This is one of the best single door refrigerator. Keep your drinks chilled and fresh in this Godrej fridge. The Advanced Inverter technology intelligently adapts its operation using the variable speed compressor, resulting in silent operation and higher efficiency.

You can store perishable items that don’t need to be refrigerated in the large drying compartment. You can even store food in heavy pans as the tempered glass shelves can easily support a weight of up to 150 kg.

5-star energy efficiency class in accordance with the BEE 2020 standards to optimize power consumption and achieve higher savings. Inverter Technology uses the variable speed compressor which intelligently adjusts its operation, resulting in more efficiency, durability and noiseless operation.

Largest vegetable tray in its segment with 20 liters of storage space. A dry drawer at the bottom of the refrigerator is a great place to store vegetables that don’t need refrigeration, such as onions, potatoes, and garlic. Each tempered glass shelf has a strength of up to 150 kg. The insulation under the cooling shell ensures that water droplets form.

  1. Directly cool
  2. Large vegetable rack.
  3. Absolute zero noise.
  1. Back is open cannot remove the water tank to purify the water.


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